Striving for Excellence and Hospitality

Meet our exceptional Hospital Leadership.  They are united in their mission to establish our hospital as the premier healthcare provider in our community, combining excellence with hospitality.

Together, they bring diverse expertise and unwavering commitment to ensure unparalleled care for every patient.

Chief Executive Officer

Darin Dransfield is the CEO of Franklin County Medical Center, known for his success in building healthcare organizations through innovation, service line excellence, and developing effective leaders. He fosters a culture focused on creating cherished experiences for employees and guests, leveraging the team’s strengths, potential, and diversity.

Since 2017, Darin has led Franklin County Medical Center overseeing the construction of a new surgery and radiology suite, Emergency Department, and Medical Office Building. He has also helped to strengthen service lines in family practice, general surgery, urology, orthopedics, and other specialties, aiming to be the premier healthcare provider in the community.

From 1990 to the present, Darin has been engaged in healthcare delivery.  He holds a Bachelor’s in Physical Therapy from the University of Oklahoma (1997), an MBA in Healthcare Management from Western Governors University (2014), and certification as a Long Term Care Administrator (2015).  He has served in the roles of a physical therapist, Rehabilitation Director, and twice as the Executive Director in Long Term Care settings.

Chief Financial Officer

Paul, the Chief Financial Officer of Franklin County Medical Center, embarked on his professional journey after earning a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Idaho State University in 1989. His dedicated service to FCMC commenced in the spring of 1996, marking a remarkable 25-year tenure with the medical center.

In addition to his financial expertise, Paul is a devoted family man, blessed with a loving marriage and the joy of raising five children. Beyond the confines of financial management, Paul finds solace and fulfillment in two distinct passions: fishing and woodworking. These leisure pursuits provide him with a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle outside the demanding realm of healthcare finance.

Throughout his extensive career at FCMC, Paul has demonstrated not only a profound understanding of financial intricacies but also a commitment to the well-being of the medical center. His enduring dedication and multifaceted interests make him an invaluable asset to both the financial stability and the vibrant community at FCMC.

Long-Term Care Administrator

Rachelle Oliverson is an accomplished professional deeply associated with Franklin County Medical Center (FCMC). After marrying Mike in 1992, Rachelle’s journey led her to FCMC where she began as a Physical Therapy Aide in 1994, sparking her enduring dedication to healthcare.

Her academic pursuits include a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from Utah State University and a Master’s in Physical Therapy from Idaho State University. Returning to FCMC in 1999, Rachelle’s role evolved over 19 years, culminating as Director of Rehab Services.

In 2018, Rachelle embraced a new role as the Nursing Home Administrator at Franklin County Transitional Care. FCMC has become her second home, inspiring her commitment to enhancing lives and fostering professional growth.

Rachelle’s mission centers on empowering elderly residents and encouraging staff development. Join her in this collective journey to uplift lives and enhance care standards.

Board of Trustees