Donations can be made in many forms that suit your financial situation. 




Since 1929, 澳门葡京人下载app has provided healthcare to our community. Over the years, we have continued to grow to meet the healthcare needs in Franklin County. 我们的人口继续增长, and we need to expand to meet the demands of today and plan for tomorrow. 这意味着引进新的医生. This also means we need more space to comfortably accommodate the new services on top of those we have been practicing for years, 甚至几代人. 这个新 medical office building will continue our commitment to providing coordinated, 医疗质量.

这个新, two-story building will be the new combined home to 柳树谷 and 专业诊所, 提供更好的访问, 住宿, 以及对社区的澳门葡京网app下载.

This campaign and donor wall are just one of many initiatives that 所有yson Wadsworth, 基金会主任, 在过去几年里热情追求的是什么. 为了回应她最近的去世, 我们收到了大量的请求, 支持, 以及以她的名义捐款. 没有多块瓷砖专门用来纪念她, FCMC will dedicate the entire wall in 所有yson’s honor so that her passion, 慷慨, 澳门葡京网app下载将被永远铭记. A special plaque will be installed as a prominent and permanent fixture of the new medical office building that she has worked so hard to accomplish.

捐款已收齐. We appreciate the 慷慨 and 支持 of the community.


Join us for our annual FCMC医疗保健基金会 “发自内心的打击” Golf Fundraiser. Get your buddies and enjoy a fun day of 18-hole 4-man scramble. There are a ton of ways to participate, from hole sponsors to food and raffle prizes. This is one where it is just as fun to donate as it is to participate. 这当然比在办公室度过一个春天要好.


As part of the FCMC医疗保健基金会’s mission to promote health and wellness in our community, these funds 支持 existing projects and help kick start new initiatives throughout the county. So, if you have a project that could use a boost or you have a new idea, apply for the grant today! The applications are available beginning September 15 through October 31th.

“每年都有慷慨的捐助者, 他们中的许多人以前都是病人, 向我们的医疗保健基金会捐款, making a difference in the lives of others who depend on our community hospital.”  


Making a difference in the lives of others who depend on our community hospital

Contributions to the 基金会 in 支持 of our hospital can be made in several forms: Donations from individuals or Community Organizations… for which we are always grateful Supporting fundraising events in the form of sponsorship (Golf Tournament). Corporate 支持 from the business community who recognize how important good health care is And Planned Giving… gifts that are arranged now but that will take effect in the future. Volunteering as a board member, an event participant or 支持er, or in many other ways. There’s probably no hospital that can maintain the very best in healthcare technology and services without the help of some very special 朋友 & 它的恩人.


当你做一个 贡献 富兰克林县医疗基金会, 你的礼物直接用于工作, helping many different community organizations and 支持ing 澳门葡京人下载app by improving patient care, 研究, 教育, and providing doctors and nurses with quality facilities to be able to assist each of us to better health.


人们给出的理由有很多. More often than not they believe that they are contributing to better healthcare in their community. 他们是绝对正确的. 更好的医院资金意味着更多更好的澳门葡京网app下载. In the long run any 贡献 to a hospital’s foundation is an investment in you and your community’s health.


我们的社区, 朋友, 邻居, 还有家庭成员,甚至我们自己, 成为澳门葡京人下载app的病人. 我们每个人都应该得到最好的照顾.


The Franklin County Healthcare 基金会 uses 捐款 to fund equipment, 进行设施更新, educate and take preventative care measures within 澳门葡京人下载app and other community organizations.


所有 捐款 富兰克林县医疗基金会 are fully tax-deductible.

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基金会有两个目的. To 支持 and sustain 澳门葡京人下载app and to promote healthy lifestyles throughout Franklin County and the surrounding communities. 







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